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As a Coach & Consultant, my goal is to help business owners & corporate executives find even more 'Success, Health & Joy' in their professional & personal spheres. I hold a PCC accredition from the ICF(International Coaching Faderation) and a RHN diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Additionally I am an MBA, with an undergrad major in Food Science & Tech. I have a deep interest in the Art and the Science of Life ‘n Leadership. My mantra is to ‘Learn, Unlearn, Relearn’- To Serve'. For me, this is a way of expressing gratitude for the abundance I have received. Having lived & worked in 3 continents overseeing business in 30+ countries, I am able to bring my practical experience in the service of my clients so that they can 'Succeed-by-Design' ! My coaching method enables individuals to 'Rediscover, Reinvent & Rewire' themselves by having a winnable gameplan across the M-B-A-B axis (i.e. Mind, Body, Attitudes, Behaviors) I am based out of GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and travel extensively to serve my clients. With 2500+ hours of coaching across 20+ countries, I am humbled to receive a net promoter score of 95. To better understand, how I can be of service - I look forward to conntecting with you. Please click: https://www.advisorycloud.com/profile/Jaspal-Bajwa

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