I am an Indian -born Canadian with interest in banking, entrepreneurship and strategic business consulting. I am in the process of completing my MBA in Conscious leadership from Alfred Ford School of Management in Durbuy, Belgium. I am married with two teenage daughters and we have been living in Toronto for 22 years. My interest in Leadership and my passion towards helping others in the community helped me to expand in volunteer activities and involvements in many communities in GTA namely the Hindu temples, Youth LGBTQ, Jewish Entrepreneurs programs and Christian churches. Continuing studies has been a strong contributor to my career. I became a Financial Planner and joined banking at Bank of Montreal in 1997. Financial literacy and delivering financial advice became my second nature. I specialized in Financial solutions and advice for new entrepreneurs, food and beverage franchises, and small businesses. I became a franchise specialist with RBC and worked until 2018. I joined CIBC in February 2019 as their Business Development Manager for GTA West, to grow SME market share.

I am a vegetarian by choice and love to cook. In my leisure hours, I play tennis and golf. I am a big advocate of mindfulness, yoga and meditation. I am always looking to get involved and participate in Business chambers and councils with my intention to help and assist businesses and individuals new to Canada, for I have walked in their shoes when I arrived in Canada as a young immigrant,